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Clinical and Translational Science Units

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Frontiers provides investigators with resources to accelerate their clinical and translational research. This includes having state-of-the-art facilities with team-based groups of highly trained and flexible support staff and processes that streamline access and ensure quality.

KU Clinical and Translational Science Unit (KU CTSU)

The KU Clinical and Translational Science Unit (KU CTSU) is located at 4350 Shawnee Mission Parkway, with convenient parking for participants. The KU CTSU provides state-of-the-art space for researchers to see patients who are enrolled in clinical trials. The CTSU is staffed by experienced registered nurses and medical assistants, who provide routine care, complex protocol procedures and help record research data in study flow sheets. The space features an exercise physiology laboratory and a commercial-quality metabolic kitchen.

The CTSU offers clinical space, including:

  • Nine exam rooms for multi-purpose outpatient research evaluations
  • Two cognitive testing rooms
  • Two isolation exam rooms, designed for smoking cessation or ID studies
  • Workspace for up to eight study coordinators
  • Sample processing lab
  • Euglycemic clamp testing

The building also features an on-site drug infusion center with 11 infusion suites for drug infusion and pharmacokinetic studies, an investigational pharmacy and study drug administration and pharmacokinetic lab draws. An extended observation unit/sleep lab space is available that allows for evening stays and includes three hospital-style suites.

An exercise physiology laboratory offers a variety of services and equipment:

  • An exercise physiologist, ACSM certified, is available to assist with studies.
  • Two Parvo Medics Metabolic Carts.
  • Treadmills, cycle, recumbent stepper and an upper body ergometer
  • Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) scans to test bone density and body composition, including iDXA that can measure visceral fat.
  • Quantitative Sudomotor Axon Reflex Testing (QSART or Q-Sweat)
  • Nerve conduction studies, electromyography and quantitative sensory testing.
  • Supervised strength or aerobic exercise training.

The Scientific Director of the KU CTSU is Jeff Burns, M.D. who can be reached at

To Find out more about how the KU CTSU program can help you with your study, initiate the process by filling out the Request CTSU Services form.    For questions related to the CTSU contact Andra Lahner, Core Unit Director of the CTSU, at or 913.588-0046.   

University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita Clinical Trials Unit (KU Wichita CTU)

The University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita Clinical Trials Unit (KU Wichita CTU) is dedicated to determining the safety and optimal dosing of significant new medications to relieve the burden of mental illness on patients and families. This involves testing novel mechanism of action drugs and biologics for the most serious neuropsychiatric illnesses. 

Site resources include 14 fully furnished research and clinical offices with telecommunications capabilities, two examination rooms, two centrifuges, one refrigerator, one full size -20 freezer, one full size -80 freezer, one half size -80 freezer, one reception area, one patient waiting area, one conference room and one record-storage room.

The KU Wichita CTU's efforts have focused on central nervous system drug development; however, the expertise and resources of the KU Wichita CTU support clinical research for other studies on the Wichita campus. This involves assistance with study startup and operationalization, including administrative oversight and training of investigators and site staff.

The director of the KU Wichita CTU is Matthew Macaluso, D.O., who can be reached at

Children's Mercy Kansas City - Pediatric Clinical Research Unit (PCRU)

The Children's Mercy Kansas City - Pediatric Clinical Research Unit (PCRU) is located on the ground level of the Hall Inpatient Tower, immediately adjacent and connected to the Division of Clinical Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutic Innovation offices and Developmental Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics research laboratory. The facility is a self-contained clinical research nursing unit with accommodations for both inpatient and outpatient studies. It is comprised of three single patient rooms and one three-bed patient room, an ambulatory study room, examination/treatment room, specimen processing laboratory, conference room/library, play room, secure document storage and offices to accommodate nine clinical coordinators, and an office for the PCRU Medical Director. Recreational items such as games, crafts, TV, Nintendo, and videos are available to entertain children during their stay. In addition, the Child Life staff may assist with constructive activities for children. The facility is equipped with age-appropriate examination equipment, storage space, crash cart, and monitoring equipment. Facilities are available for phlebotomy, urine collection, initial specimen processing, and temporary specimen storage prior to delivery to the laboratory. This unit has been constructed to meet all applicable FDA/ICH guidelines for a phase I study unit and fully meets accreditation standards by JCHAO.

The director of the Pediatric Clinical Research Unit is Mark Clements, M.D., Ph.D.,

Last modified: Nov 07, 2019

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