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Training Programs


The KL2 Scholars Program selects and supports a diverse and talented group of junior scientists. The objective of the program is to provide protected time for these learners to master the clinical and translational research skills essential to promote their path to researcher independence. Scholars are encouraged to work closely with mentors on an interdisciplinary team and to engage with local content experts who can help Scholars connect with other researchers. KL2 Scholars also participate in the Frontiers Scholars Club that focuses specifically on career development during this transitional period. Scholars receive funds to cover up to 75% of their salary. Additional funds are available for project support and travel.



Applications and Letters of Intent are now being accepted for both the Pre- and Postdoctoral TL1 Trainee Programs, with funding commencing in July 2019.

Predoctoral TL1 Training Program Application Deadline: January 4, 2019

Predoctoral TL1 Training Proram 2019 RFA [PDF]

Postdoctoral TL1 Training Program Letter of Intent Deadline: December 1, 2018

Post-doctoral Training Program 2019 RFA [PDF]

Pre- and postdoctoral students can be selected to participate in the TL1 Trainee Program which offers tailored and rigorous training in clinical and translational research as well as classroom education. The pre-doctoral track is a 1-year experience for clinical doctoral students in MD, DO and PharmD programs and is designed to start students on the translational research pathway early in their training. The postdoctoral track is a 1 or 2-year option for clinical scientists and is designed to help clinicians procure productive faculty research positions. Both tracks are encouraged to participate in Frontiers Scholars Club and obtain the Masters of Clinical Science (MS-CR) degree if it fits their individual career goals. Trainees receive a stipend and funds for project support and travel.

For questions about the KL2 Scholars and TL1 Trainee Programs contact Amy Smith at or 913-588-3030.

Last modified: Nov 01, 2018