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CTSU Overview

Frontiers is committed to providing investigators with the resources they need to accelerate their clinical and translational research, including state-of-the-art clinical facilities with highly trained and flexible support staff.

The KU Clinical and Translational Science Units provide comfortable, accessible space for participants and the support investigators and study teams need to successfully conduct clinical research. Staffed by experienced research personnel - including registered nurses, medical assistants, exercise physiologists, respiratory technicians, nurse practitioners and physicians - the CTSU serves as a liaison for study teams as well as a resource when it comes to managing clinical research obstacles.

The CTSU is available to investigators from all Frontiers partner institutions to use.

Benefits of using the CTSU:

  • Comprehensive research services, support and availability
    • As part of study setup, the CTSU creates source documents associated with CTSU tasks
    • Handles participants visits; study teams do not have to be present during protocol visits once the participant is consented
  • Skilled staff
    • Dedicated solely to clinical research with experience supporting phase I-IV protocols in various disease groups
    • Give careful attention to a participant's comfort and the protocol's data collection requirements
    • Proactively works towards minimizing protocol deviations by hosting study start-up meetings, source documentation review/approval, protocol specific training, etc.
  • Equipment
    • CTSU owns/maintains commonly used equipment (ECG machines, vital machines, centrifuges, body weight scales, -20F freezer, -80F freezer, refrigerator, plethysmography chamber with spirometry, spirometer w/preVent flow sensor, etc.)
      • Equipment is maintained and calibrated
      • All records (calibration records, fridge/freezer temperatures, etc.) are available to research teams
    • Copier/fax/scanner machine available to study teams utilizing CTSU services for copying their signed consent forms, etc.


The CTSU operates under a fee-for-service business model that supports growth and investment in clinical and translational research within KU Medical Center and throughout the region. CTSU staff work individually with investigators and study teams to build quotes specific to their study protocols.

Initiate the process by filling out the

  1. KUMC Investigators Request CTSU Services form
  2. Non-KUMC Investigators Request CTSU Services form

CTSU Locations

In order to serve the unique needs of researchers and participants, three clinical research spaces are available in the Kansas City Region and one is available in Wichita, Kansas.

CTSU Rainbow, which is located on the main University of Kansas Medical Center campus in Kansas City, Kansas, provides outpatient research nursing, medical assistant, a pulmonary testing lab, and study monitoring space.

CTSU Fairway, which is located in the Clinical Research Center in suburban Fairway, Kansas provides outpatient research nursing, medical assistant, an exercise testing lab, a dietary faculty supported kitchen, and an overnight observation unit.

To learn more about how to use the CTSU services located at the University of Kansas Medical Center, see this Guide [PDF].

Children's Mercy Kansas City Pediatric Clinical Research Unit (PCRU) is in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

The Wichita Clinical Trials Unit (Wichita CTU) is located on the University of Kansas School of Medicine's campus in Wichita, Kansas

Last modified: Jan 28, 2022

Shelby Williams
Clinical and Translational Science Unit Navigator

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