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Biostatistics and Research Support

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Frontiers: University of Kansas Clinical and Translational Science Institute (KU CTSI) ensures that two key functions critically important for conducting clinical and translational research - biostatistics, epidemiology and research design (BERD) and regulatory knowledge and support - are available to all Frontiers investigators. As with other core areas of Frontiers, a group of highly trained Navigators can assist investigators with efficiently accessing the resources needed.

Provides support:

  • Study design
  • Statistical analysis planning
  • Data management

Offers assistance:

  • Regulatory issues
  • Compliance
  • Budgeting & contracts

Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design (BERD)

Frontiers investigators have access to consultations that help them understand methodological and analytic issues for planning projects. A biostatistician with the most appropriate expertise is assigned to each Frontiers project development team, and this match-making is facilitated by the Biostatistics Navigator. While one biostatistician may be the main collaborator, the knowledge and resources of other BERD faculty and staff are available as needed. Support also includes statistical genomics and bioinformatics expertise, applying state-of-the-art techniques for pre-processing and quality control of high-throughput data sets, as well as providing statistical analyses and assisting with the interpretation of study results. The Frontiers BERD and Department of Biostatistics offers online training via a short course and advanced formal training with a certificate in Biostatistical Applications for those who qualify for admission.

Research support

Frontiers is fortunate to have the wealth of expertise available through the University of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute, Inc. to engage and collaborate with Frontiers investigators. These staff provide integrated guidance and support services for protocol, informed consent, IND and IDE development, budget and contracting, adverse event reporting, safety and regulatory management, compliance and intellectual property management.

The breadth of services provided by the Regulatory Knowledge and Support (RKS) staff keeps investigators from becoming mired in administrative and regulatory tasks, allowing them instead to focus on other critical aspects of conducting research like study design, recruitment and implementation. Frontiers has a team of Navigators that support various aspect of RKS, so depending on investigator’s needs, staff can assist in accessing the right information and help for them and their study teams.

RKS offers timely, topically important training for investigators and staff that supports research efficiency and adoption of best practices. Announcements are posted on the KUMC RI website.

Last modified: Oct 04, 2018

Megan Tremblay
Biostatistics Navigator

Kathy Jurius
Research Support Navigator

Jennifer Staley
Regulatory Support Navigator